How to test if my MK is connected to internet

How to test if my MK is connected to internet

  1. Initialize the MK360.
  2. Make sure the MK360 is connected to the internet.
     3.  Connect your IOS device to the MK360 network. (Wifi).

            Network: MK#_Service
            Password: MK_Service
If the password no longer matches "MK_Service" please contact us

      4.  Disable access to Mobile Data on your device if it is a smartphone.
      5.  Open a browser (Safari, or Google App) and browse to check that there is access to internet.

NEW:  in the new version of the Broomx App, available in the Apple AppStore, you can check the connection to the internet by looking at the symbol  <...>   if it is blue colored, the connection is OK, otherwise if it is grey, means that the MK is not connected to internet.

If you are requesting a Software Update, you need to make sure that  there are no firewalls on your side, and the following ports are open:


Protocol Default Port

ssh:// port 22

git:// port 9418

http:// port 80