Internet Options

Internet Options

The MK360 can operate offline, but an internet connection is required for operations such as system and content updates, and receiving a real time video stream. Different options are available according to the local conditions:

LAN Cable Connection

This is the default option, requires access to a router / modem providing a network free of proxies or firewalls.

Connection: Connect the LAN cable from the router to the “LAN” port on the MK360 rear panel.

USB WiFi Dongle

This option is used when no router / modem is available for LAN cable connection, but there are WiFi networks available. It requires a compatible USB WiFi Dongle with a chip type: rtl88x2bu.


  1. Connect the WiFi Dongle to the “USB In” port on the MK360 rear panel. Restart the MK360 if it was powered on.
  2. In the Web Manager, navigate to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Click “scan” and connect to the desired WiFi network.

4G SIM Router

This option is used when there are no routers or WiFi networks available, for example in trade shows or remote locations. It requires an external portable router / hotspot.


  1. Unscrew and remove the bottom lid
  2. Insert the SIM card
  3. Connect the power adapter
  4. Connect the 4G SIM router to the MK360 using the Ethernet cable
  5. Connect your PC or smartphone to the WiFi network that begins with "MikroTik” (username: admin)
  6. Open a web browser and enter the URL:
  7. In the Quick Set screen, enter the PIN code for the SIM card, click “Apply”
  8. Navigate to Webfig → Wireless, disable the WiFi network, click “Apply”
  9. Place and screw the bottom lid

To receive a live stream from the MXLive, an internet connection with a minimum of 20mbps is required. The connection can be checked with a speed test

Once the MK360 has internet connection, it can forward network to devices connected to the MK360’s WiFi network.