Audio Options

Audio Options

The following audio options apply to MK360 units delivered after January 2021.

Please contact us for information about previous model versions.

Audio Options

Integrated Speaker 

  1. 75-Watt Bi-Amped Mono Speaker

Rear Panel Connections

  1. Headphones: unbalanced stereo 6.35mm jack
  2. Audio in: unbalanced mono 6.35mm jack, audio is passed through to the integrated speaker

Stereo DI Box - Accessory

  1. 2 x balanced XLR low impedance output connections
  2. Model: Mackie MDB-USB

Bluetooth USB Audio Transmitter - Accessory

  1. Bluetooth 5.0 Low Latency audio streaming to multiple devices (headphones, speaker, ...)
  2. Model: Avantree DG80
Other USB soundcards compatible with Linux systems can be used, even 5.1 audio soundcards.

Audio Input / Output Selection

  1. Open the control interface (iOS App or Web Manager)
  2. Navigate to Settings → Audio Input / Output
  3. Select the desired audio input / output