Audio Options

Audio Options

The following audio options apply to MK360 units delivered after January 2021.

Please contact us for information about previous model versions.

Integrated Options

Built-in Speaker 

  1. 75-Watt Bi-Amped Mono Speaker

Rear Panel Connections

  1. Headphones: unbalanced stereo 6.35mm jack
  2. Audio in: unbalanced mono 6.35mm jack, audio is passed through to the integrated speaker

Compatible Options

Stereo DI Box

  1. 2 x balanced XLR low impedance output connections
  2. Recommended model: Mackie MDB-USB

Bluetooth USB Audio Transmitter

  1. Bluetooth 5.0 Low Latency audio streaming to multiple devices (headphones, speaker, ...)
  2. Recommended model: Avantree DG80
Other USB soundcards compatible with Linux systems can be used, even 5.1 audio soundcards.

Audio Input / Output Selection

  1. Open the control interface (iOS App or Web Manager)
  2. Navigate to Settings → Audio Input / Output
  3. Select the desired audio input / output