MK360 Leg Fitters

MK360 Leg Fitters

The MK360’s default height is set for a correct display, modification is not recommended.

If a specific situation requires it, the legs can be removed and the MK360 can be placed on a sturdy planar surface. The legs’ endings can also be replaced with 3D printed fitters to lower the height of the MK360 by 20 cm approx.

Attached STL files for 3D printing:

  • MK360 Leg Fitters 1.stl: for use on planar surfaces or floor.

  • MK360 Leg Fitters 2.stl: for use with the wheeled platform (complete fill).

  • MK360 Leg Fitters 3.stl: for use with the wheeled platform (partial fill, requires orienting).

Printing material: ABS or PLA at 90% infill.