MXMirror User Manual

MXMirror User Manual


The MXMirror add-on lets you share the screen of your smartphone, tablet or PC with your MK device. The image is displayed in a user defined window overlaying any content being played back through the MK device.

Display window

The shape, size and position of the MXMirror display window is defined manually using the MXControl interface:
  1. Settings > Projection > Blackout

iOS and OSX 

The screen sharing uses the Apple Airplay system:
  1. Connect the Apple device to the MK360 WiFi network
  2. Open the Apple device Settings
  3. Click on the Airplay icon
  4. Select the MK device
  5. Launch the screen sharing


The screen sharing requires downloading an executable to your Windows PC:
  1. Download the executable
  2. Install the executable
  3. Connect your PC to the MK360 WiFi network
  4. Open the executable
  5. Select your MK device
  6. Launch the screen sharing
Some browsers may block access to the executable file, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox.

Audio Routing

Depending on your operating system and system settings, it might be necessary to reroute the audio in your PC in order to avoid the on-board microphone’s sound to be picked up through the MK device. The recommended solution is to use a third party audio routing application such as VB-Audio:

  1. Download and install VB-Cable Virtual Audio Device (run in Administrator Mode)
  2. In your PC’s settings, select VB-Audio as your default audio device
  3. Launch the MXScreenCast application
  4. Select VB-Audio as the audio input