Can the MK360 receive a live video stream?

Can the MK360 receive a live video stream?

Yes, the MK360 can receive a live video stream.

Please check out the MKLive, our end-to-end solution for immersive live streaming!

The MK360 can also receive a live video stream in RTSP / RTMP protocol:

Videos can be 360° or flat 16:9, and are displayed and navigated in the same way as those uploaded locally. Multiple URLs can be stored and recalled. The streams stored using the Web Manager are also accessible through the iOS App.

The MK360 requires an internet connection to receive a RTSP / RTMP stream. Cable connection is recommended, performance may vary according to the available network’s bandwidth.

Storing a RTSP / RTMP stream:
  1. In the Web Manager, navigate to the “My Files” section
  2. Click on the Streaming icon
  3. Enter a URL, name and type (360° / flat) for the stream
  4. Click “close”

Broomx does not provide servers, services or support for creating a RTSP / RTMP stream (server side). If you aren’t familiar with RTSP streaming, rtsp-simple-server might be a good place to start.