Where can I use the MK devices?

Where can I use the MK devices?

You can use the MK360 or MKPro in any indoor space with controlled lighting: bedroom, living room, classroom, hotel room, hospital room, trade fair booth, lobby, fitness center, dome, …

Spatial requirements

  1. Area: 10-120 m2 *
  2. Ceiling height: 2.5 - 5 m
  3. Lighting: Complete darkness
  4. Projection surface:
    1. Planar or curved
    2. Smooth and even surface
    3. White or clear color
    4. Reduced furnishing
    5. Do not project over windows, glass or reflecting materials
  5. Placement: Directly opposite and perpendicular to main projection wall.
  6. Distance to main projection wall: 2,5 - 7 m
  7. Optimal placement of viewer: Seated under the MK360, facing main projection wall.

* The MKPro is more adapted for larger spaces.

Operating conditions

  1. Use in dry, clean and ventilated environments
  2. Ambient temperature: 12-28°C (54-82°F)
  3. Max continued use time: 8h