MXLive User Manual

MXLive User Manual


The code to unlock the MXLive Kit is: 000

MXLive Kit Content

  1. Labpano Pilote One 360° camera
  2. Ugreen USB soundcard
  3. Netgear MR2100 4G SIM router
  4. Camera tripod
  5. Camera heatsink
  6. Aluminum travel case
  7. USB hub 
  8. USB-C cable extension
  9. USB 2.0 to SBF/BU link
  10. USB-C 60W power adapter

Internet Connection

Broadcast MXLive

  1. Required upload bandwidth: 20Mbps
  2. Options: 
    1. Local LAN / WiFi network
    2. Netgear MR2100 4G SIM router (provided)
    3. Other options
The SIM card and payment plan for the Netgear MR2100 4G SIM router is not provided, and must be purchased according to the country.

Display MK360

  1. Required download bandwidth: 20Mbps
  2. Options:
    1. LAN cable connection (recommended)
    2. Local WiFi network via local hotspot or WiFi dongle

The network’s speed can be tested prior to setting up the MK360.

Technical Specifications

Video Format

  1. Resolution: 4K 3840x1920p
  2. Framerate: 30 fps
  3. Format: mp4
  4. Bitrate: 50mbps
  5. Latency: 7s (at 20Mbps)


  1. Labpano Pilote One on-board battery: 2h
  2. USB-C 60W power adapter: unlimited

Audio Options

  1. Labpano Pilote One on-board microphone (mono)
  2. Labpano Pilote One microphone connection (mini-jack, mono)
  3. Ugreen USB soundcard (2 x jack, stereo)


Setup and Connection

  1. Unfold and place the tripod at the desired location
  2. Remove the camera and the tripod adaptor from the travel case
  3. Place and screw the heatsink to the tripod
  4. Place and screw the camera to the heatsink
  5. Connect the USB hub to the camera's USB port
  6. Connect the USB hub to the LAN cable or the 4G SIM router
  7. (Optional): Connect the USB hub to the power adapter

One-click Stream

  1. Power on the camera
  2. Launch the MXLive App
  3. Press “Start”


  1. Power on the MK360
  2. From the MK360 iOS App or the Web Manager, navigate to Apps tab
  3. Select Livestream
  4. Select the desired stream

The cameras and the MK360 immersive projectors are paired in the factory prior to shipping. Please contact us to modify permissions.
The live stream will not show up in the application if the MK360 isn't connected to the internet.

Version Update

MXLive App v1.1 released 10-02-2021

Please contact us to receive the latest version update.

Update Process

  1. Connect the camera to a WiFi network
  2. Make sure the camera’s OS is updated to the latest version
  3. Navigate to Settings → Applications → Install App
  4. Connect a PC to the same WiFi network
  5. Open a browser and enter the URL displayed by the camera
  6. Drag and drop the APK file you have received by email